Monday, September 25, 2006

'Terry Aur Lampi'.

(One wishes.)
Thanks to Mimi for the heads-up. Ran to Google with obscene haste. Most wond'rous news for fans of crossover crack and spicy romance gossip!

Chelsea couple players John Terry and Frank Lampard to feature in Bollywood flim. You read that right. Finally. Gods. Yes. Guh. Lol. Etc.

We are not the only ones to express our enthusiasm for this project. See for example: the men themselves, John and Frank, pictured below, who charmingly display their wholly innocent affection towards each other.

It's the chance of a lifetime. Does silver screen stardom beckon? Dare we chez De Ludo Globi hope for a (tasteful, of course) item number?* Will they become Bollywood's next sizzling jodi? Only time can tell. Well, that and the box office.

But wait, aren't we forgetting someone? No way, Jose! The manager warms up to rehearse his spiffy moves for some deadly dhishoom-dhishoom.

Oof. May '07, please be here quickly!

* Here Mr Abramovich nods his head. Vigorously.



Blogger roswitha said...

All this time, and they can still make you go WTF. (At least this way someone will induce me to watch Chelsea anyhow, lolz.)

Seriously, more footballers should do this.

8:48 PM  
Blogger Aishwarya said...

*dies. like, really*

11:03 AM  

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