Thursday, September 28, 2006

"yo bastas, i'm trying to do football here."

He's succeeding at the sarcasm, at any rate. The subtleties of continental languages and the mercies of translation have allowed us to believe that Hernán Crespo, striker-extraordinaire and recent escapee from Chelsea, is not happy with his team after their Champions League-jeopardizing 2-0 loss to Bayern Munich. The ignominy was caused - or compounded - by the fact that the Nerazzurri were fielding only nine men at the end of the game, with World Cup star Fabio Grosso and ex-Juventus whiz Zlatan Ibrahimovic both red-carded for being dumbasses.

"The more experienced players need to bring a little bit more calm to the locker room and assure there’s no need to tear our hair out," remarked Crespo, whom the maintainers of this blog are seriously considering re-appellating Major Understatement. "If we can end games with 11 men on the field, then obviously it’d make things a bit easier for everyone."

"Okay, where's the logo for Fuckwit Inc.?"

The fact that Inter's European campaign currently looks like a piece of overripe fruit left out on the muddy streets of a tropical city induces mixed feelings for us. With Milan's steady showing in both Serie A and the CL stuttering over the last ten days with two frustrating goalless draws, and the exciting A S Roma defeated 2-1 in their away game against Valencia yesterday, our overemotional and neurotic interest in the fortunes of Italian fooball is feeling the first cold touches of gloomy suspicion. It's been a crazy year for calcio and we've been hoping that the 2006-07 season sees progress along the lines of 'OMG we won the World Cup!11!' rather than the 'OMG our system has been worm-eaten from the inside-out! And we're fugly lusars with a discount on mass buzzcuts!' aspect of things.

We at De Ludo Globi harbour a healthy dislike of all things Inter Milan, but the bastards do have a number of players we admire wearing blue and black this season, and none we love more than Hernán himself. He's put his bad spell at Chelsea behind him to come through, in word and deed, for the football he loves, in the sort of place that got him to, by his own admission, forsake Abramovich's offer of obscene riches. We'd take a goal like that over a private jet anyday, too. Are you listening, Sheva?

Don't consider it an endorsement of Inter when we say that we hope they'll stick around in Europe. We want to see them thrashed at an advanced stage by a club we actually like. We want to see Grosso and Ibrahimovic (both new fathers incidentally, someone think of the children l0l) grow up. We want to marvel some more at Major Understatement, damnit.

Footnote: Ciro Ferrara's Juventus youth team is already making other calciatores cry! In their first match of the season they steamrolled young Inter (insert evil laugh here) 5-1. This bodes well for the future of mean and vicious football, the sort we love best.



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We too have a football blog

I don't know who you three are but I presume all of you are Jews as well.

The joke about Jews is not meant to be taken otherwise.

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