Wednesday, March 07, 2007

roundup: champions' league knockout stage

Milan 1-0 Celtic, San Siro

"Milan still dominated possession with Andrea Pirlo, Seedorf and Kak√° weaving numerous intricate exchanges..."

With your permission, gracious readers, a pause to reflect, above, on what is possibly the most beautiful image football writing can conjure.

Che bello. As we predicted, it wasn't easy going for Milan against the gutsy, talented Celtic FC, and we applaud both sides for keeping the pressure up. The rossoneri are not the side that could make any team in the world squirm and play for a draw five or six years back, but there's life in the old legs yet. It's interesting to note that a side that looked significantly weaker than several others going in to the qualifiers is now the only remaining quarter-finalist from last years' top eight. Take a look:

Barca-Liverpool: On second thoughts, let's avoid this one.
Arsenal-PSV Eindhoven: Hmm. Does anyone want to bet that, with Chelsea's luck, PSV is the team they get to play in the QFs?
Man U-Lille: We love you, Henrik Larsson. Have an incredibly nice life. Lille - just. Have a nice life. A deserved advancement, Manchester United. Please ensure your wingers don't trip on anything along the way.
Chelsea-Porto: Hi, Jose! We adore the idea that you're likely to have added the CL to your long list of victories by the end of this season. We're just not sure we want you to share it with a bunch of overpaid bullies.
Inter-Valencia: Bah.
Roma-Lyon: Farewell, Juninho. Hello, Amantino Mancini. No, Francesco Totti, no one is talking to you.
Real Madrid-Bayern Munich: Erm. We don't want to seem prejudiced, so we'll substitute our own thoughts with those of a Madridista friend here.

After Cannavaro and Beckham were ruled out, I thought the only thing that could make things worse would be if Emerson played. He did. But even then, how do you concede a goal in 9 seconds, when you are the team with the kick-off ??!!!!

9 seconds ...

Wild cackling? Not from around here, we assure you.

Alright, then. Football is strange. English football is stranger. DLG must dash. Have a nice day.


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