Monday, March 05, 2007

notes on the continent

1. Underestimate Celtic? Really, Gila? When even the most dedicated Milan fans among us (and trust me, such people do exist) have been biting their nails for fear of a side that has
a. had a great season in its own league
b. managed perfectly well to defend its unbeaten home record on Milan's away leg
c. managed to give (the, alright, extremely lucky) Manchester United a moment of torrid anxiety, which is more than anyone, even the wondrous Jose Mourinho, seems to have managed so far, and is therefore not unlikely to kick your superclub arse for you? Underestimate a club against which you managed to achieve the high honour of a big fat yellow card? For DIVING?

We wonder why we aren't more relaxed.

2. In other team news, we're extremely interested in Liverpool-Barca, just like you and the milkman and your maiden aunt, because while there was a time when we thought Inter was the best team to back for pulverising itself into nothing from a position of strength, both parties in tonight's Anfield tie seem to have acquired a knack for achieving the same. Reports of the weekend's Sevilla-Barca game astonished us. Bad news and ugly football in Spain - and it DOESN'T come from the Santiago Bernabeu. Shock and awe. English football is allowed to retain its smugness for a while longer. A goodly while, perhaps, considering that almost none of the Spanish or Italian clubs in the Champions League seem to have played themselves into particular positions of strength. Yes, Gila, we are still talking about you.

3. However, while on the subject of Inter, perhaps it is time for DLG to renew its declaration of love for the astounding Zlatan Ibrahimovic. His backheel pass against Livorno this weekend (approx 35 seconds into the video) might well explain away Old Man Lucarelli - who didn't do half badly himself in the same match - who gushingly intimated his opinion of Ibra's superiority over a certain Marco Van Basten.

4. Take a look at that Ajax goal everyone always talks about. Amateur iconoclasts must inquire: does the fact that Ibra fooled the very cameraman with his multiple feints speak for his genius, or the cameraman's incompetence?

All this, and the constant self-reference in third person. Just a little more belly and some drug abuse, Zlatan, and you're all set to give Italy its new Maradona!

"Not tonight, darling, I have a headbutt."


Blogger Szerelem said... much blogging here. Have been out of the loop...
And I had to comment on this post for no reason other than the fact that the picture caption cracked me up. I chocked on my drink and you're to blame :P

Btw, will you be following the Crick WC?

9:39 PM  
Blogger roswitha said...

Sorry love, just saw this comment! Of course we are followng the cricket WC, but not on DLG. And you are our favourite guest, so if you have requests or preferences for football-relaed musings, say the word, and we will do our best to in(dlg)e you. :x

8:23 AM  

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