Friday, March 09, 2007

champions league last eight draw.

Will this man's team last long enough for him to make a CL comeback? Also known as, we don't have an appropriate picture and took the opportunity to spam the world with hawt arty pix of Alessandro Nesta.

QF draws are out. Happily, our prediction about Chelsea went wildly off-track. For once they don't draw an unfancied team. TWe expect no shilly-shallying for a Chelsea-Valencia match - this is either going to be a fantastically dramatic game or one so boring that we'll all wish the cameraman would give up on the football and just watch Jose Mourinho already.

The most lopsided of the lot, at least on paper, seems to be Roma versus Manchester United. * DLG ignores the joyful cries of 'PSV-Liverpool!' having no certain idea of which set of fans deserve to cry thus * I don't know if United can take this one for granted, because while Roma's consistency leaves something to be desired, they're coached by a very smart man, and are capable of forcing a game to their plan, as we so enjoyably found in the away game at Lyon. However, United has shown the world just what they're capable of this last season. Heck, aliens on Jupiter probably adjust their satellites every weekend to admire what United's been doing this season. Which is all to say: if Roma lose, it will be to the most apparently worthy foes in the tourney.

The Bayern-Milan draw seems most balanced, both for prestige and form. A DLG innocent of the intricacies of the Bundesliga dare not stake a bet on the outcome of this game. However, Milan fans can rest secure in the knowledge that their club's defence, shaky as it is, is highly unlikely to suffer the ignominy of allowing a goal 9 seconds after kick-off.

If both Milan and Roma win, they will play each other in the SFs (oh goodness, more quotable quotes from Totters. Is it too late for him tot ake lessons on being a good bandiere from Paolo Maldini?). On the other hand, if Roma lose, Milan or Bayern plays Manchester United. What a game to look forward to, either way!

And hm. Chelsea-Liverpool. Chelsea-PSV (... so the Luck of Abramovich may not be entirely in abeyance). Valencia-PSV. No, definitely the most exciting outcome, we think, is a Valencia-Liverpool match.

No predictions from us, however. Only, we would like, in our way, to demurely advance the view that another Milan-Liverpool final? Would be a pain in the arse.


Blogger Karthik said...

Its quite an interesting draw - as a United fan, i would love my team to win the title, but am quite realistic abt it. I guess Roma is beatable and so are Milan (or) Bayern. Milan seem too scratchy - but assuming kaka works his magic again and again - he could become the new Ronaldinho and earn all the awards next year !! Liverpool vs PSV should be all abt strategy - a case of who out thinks whom ? Chelsea vs Valencia is simply a battle of Valencia's attack (read Villa) vs Chelsea's midfield and defence.. How abt a United vs Chelsea final - and United humbling chelsea both in the league and Europe ?? On second thoughts, if Jose wins the Champions league, i bet he wud leave Stamford bridge. Now That's an intersting prospect :)

12:25 PM  
Blogger roswitha said...

A Chelsea-Man U final. Oh, glorious fun and joyous anticipation. Ignore our gentle snoring from the corner of our room.

We're quite excited about Liverpool-PSV, to come closer home, though. We love Liverpool for all the wrong reasons and look forward to them showing us teh_drama in the days leading up to this game.

And thanks for commenting. We enjoy gentleman callers. Warn us before you drop by next and we will set out some chamomile tea for you.

6:26 AM  

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