Friday, March 23, 2007

friday afternoon milan blogging. now with added gila-grumble.

"No, you pay me the compliments FIRST, then I give you the goals."

Zomgggggggggg. r u kidding me.

Milan has no faith in Gila? Why, the villainous bastards! Who wouldn't put faith in a boy who ISN'T PLAYING WELL for them?

We felt sorry for Gila at the start of the season. We'll bet it's difficult adapting from a smaller, friendlier club or city to big, cold, glittery Milan. Especially when you landed up in the first place reasonably expecting to play second fiddle to the modestly talented Andriy Shevchenko. And to be fair, he did show a modest amount of promise. He's no Baggio (he's no Del Piero, if we must), but who are we to deny that it takes something to play up front for Italy.

But you know what? He's just not good enough. And whether or not its fair to put him under so much pressure just because he plays for a club with all that harping on Tradition and History and Did We Mention The Seventeen Scudetti And The Five Champions' League Titles?, it is totally unacceptable to say they owe him a bedtime story and a fluffy kitten for his birthday. Eight goals in a season where the top scorer already has eighteen? Doesn't put you in line for Best Thing Evar. Sorry, darling.

We like the boy. But he annoys the fuck out of us.

In other news, Gianluca Zambrotta isn't going to Milan. Of course he isn't. The only really worthy successor to that leftback position and he isn't going. It's just as well, considering il papa still has about thirty years to go before quitting, and Zambro is just too, too good to play second fiddle to anyone, even Mald--no, no, what are we saying? Stop us before these words cross the barrier of our teeth!



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