Thursday, April 05, 2007

taddei is a good dei

From our scribbled live reactions to last night's Roma-Man United game in Rome, starting around minute 15:

* The Olimpico looks * fantastic. * The pitch is way healthier than the San Siro's. (And Ten Sports didn't focus in the least on the crowd trouble, so all the Eisenstinian headshots of gorgeous well-dressed young Italians cheering their team on = FTW.) What an atmosphere. Have we ever seen Cristiano Ronaldo look more harried? Can't remember.

* Damn, but Man U are tight, even when they're screwed up. Van der Sar class act as ever, even without a ton of trouble from this game.

* Why does a set piece around the Roma goal inspire much less fear and loathing than one around a Milan goal? Brazil's #1 is Dida, not Alexander Doni. We like Doni. Capable enough. Hell, compared to Dida even Cristiano Doni'd look capable enough.

* SCHOLES SENT OFF! Well-deserved. Totts such a drama queen, though. And Chivu. Gotta love Italy.

* Spalletti's pate - cannot ... look ... at .. screen. Guh. Shiny.

* Can't imagine Roma pulling together with such a semblance of assurance if they'd gone a man down.

* Perrotta booked for simulation. Gotta kick Italy.

* The Taddei goal. SWEETNESS. Fine piece of work between Totti, Mancini and himself. All the better for Rio Ferdinand having one of his characteristic 'where am I and where is my packed lunch?' moments. Ten Sports commentators total wankers, though. Glad to have semi-public forum to be biased and partisan ourselves. Aren't getting paid for it, though, are we.

* Half-time. Think Man U's unfamiliarity with Roma really rattled them. Dreading Ferg's mythic powers, though: are they going to come out calm and composed and all figured out on how to beat Roma 6-1 in the next 45? Beyond cool if Man U came on with three strikers.

* Gary O'Reilly is cool. Half-time snapshot of Chelsea-Valencia at 0-1.


* Oooh, shiny tunnel. Olimpico rather obviously showing up as no poor cousin of football's La Scala up in Milan. Football better, too.

* Be still, beating heart, art thou feeling a wee bit sorry for the globally consistent booing of Cronaldo? Surprise us all the time. This is harsh, though, by any standards. Would hate to be in his slippy shoes.

* Roo and Ron let some of the class show. Good goal. Nesta would never have let it happen. Then again, Nesta would systematically chop his toes off before playing for Roma. Too bad, they could use ... ouch, wide shot on Man U goal from Daniele De Rosii. He's kind of sucking on and off. The wasted chances so uncharacteristic of Roma's usual big games. Totters being usual prickly selfish self. Give someone else the fracking free kick for once, man. Roma really need an alternative (read: better) dead ball specialist.

* GO VUCINIC! Spalletti, we <3 ur brane.

* Solskjaer yellow card. More pretty things in the Roma stands. Ole comes off, Fletcher comes on. Bye, Ole. Competent tonight, Fletcher?

* Have we ever seen worse attempts on goal than some of Roma's tonight, or is the tension just making us crabby?

* Cristiano, you little diver.

* OH GOD, LOUIS SAHA for Giggs. No, please, not more pace! OMG, imagine if it were Henrik Larsson.

* Rosi for Taddei. ... interesting? Defend, Roma, defend for the love of Maldini! Ah, Heinze yellow card. Crap tackle, crap diving. So that's what you do, is it, Rosi?

* WHISTLE. Roma 2-1 Manchester United. Football, we love you.

More later.



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