Sunday, May 20, 2007

monday trivia

No, this post is not about Alessandro Nesta. We just think he's awesome.

The Football Italia quotes this time are comedy gold, or something greater. Observe:

“I think it’s a pretty name. You’ll see lots of children will be called Chanel soon.”
Ilary Blasi, otherwise known as Mrs Francesco Totti, challenges the Beckhams for the daftest baby name competition

More's the pity, Ilary, more's the pity. We know Italy will be bursting at the seams with little girls called Chanel soon. But really. Still, baby should probably be thankful Mama didn't go for first name 'Coco' instead, or we'd have all been left wondering just why Totti's kid was named after a Torino striker of suspect integrity.

And this one: “I was very young when I planned out my career. I was going to play for a big club in Brazil, then Europe, Italy, take part in a World Cup and Olympics. At the end of the map was the Champions League Final.”
Kaka saw his career path as a Lord of the Rings saga with Rafa Benitez as Sauron

Those looks SO work against Kaka. But Pirlo and Gattuso were meant to be Legolas and Gimli.

'I feel it grow heavier as it lies upon my neck...'

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