Tuesday, April 10, 2007

man utd-roma at old trafford

+Why is Van der Sar the weak link in this United side, all of a sudden? Commentary all focused on his mistakes. Unfair. He’s no Buffon, but he’s worth the weight of the back line they’re fielding now in gold.

+Haha, de Rossi at the singing of the anthem. Badass. Wouldn’t want to get in his way.

+ Totti goes wide by a fraction. Pundits: “They are attacking.” Honey, please don’t believe everything you hear about Totti’s intelligence. Better still, believe EVERYTHING you hear about Spalletti’s. No-brainer, really, though. Roma need to score, there’s a defence to exploit and an attacking set-up to their advantage. If punditry brings up “defensive Italian football,” now …

+ … and what do you know, it does crop up. Chuckleheads. Richard Drew DLG’s new punching bag. Think little Gila needs a rest, at any rate.

+ Vucinic scrobbles a wide, wide shot. Definitely needs a shave. Maybe more practice, too. Erm, what just happened. Sorry, Heinze distractingly cute. No, worried about why Taddei isn’t up, though. No news on whether it’s injury or not, although we knew the worry existed a couple of evenings back.

+ Carrick goal. Doni, WTF? Carrick man of the future, though. Definite positive advert for United.

* muting channel to avoid commentators going orgasmic re: Carrick’s genius all the same*

+ Dammit, Roma, stop being so afraid of Cristiano Ronaldo. Do NOT give him space.

+ … who is this kid?????

+ Wow, we are watching a nightmare. This isn’t a real game, is it. It’s a game in which only ONE SIDE SEEMS TO HAVE A DEFENCE. AND A KEEPER.

+ Philosophical question: do we owe it to football to keep the telly on? Not about winning or losing, just about needing to catch up on sleep versus waiting out the occurrence of what now seems inevitable. Remember the first Milan derby of the season, when Inter was three up at halftime and ended at 4-3. Of course, that was because the Inter defence consisted of Materrazzi going nuts. Philosophical question #2: Materrazzi versus Rio Ferdinand. Who would win? Discuss.

+ Totters is balding. De Rossi is crazy. Have risen above the football. Damnit, Roma have lost focus completely. Never once saw them give away the ball in the Olimpico game the way they do now.

+ No. of Ronaldo wide shots so far: 3. No. of Ronaldo tantrums: 0. Is there something the camera is hiding from us?

+ Ronaldo goal. 4-0. You know, if we’d wanted to watch PSV-Liverpool we’d have switched on the telly tomorrow. Roma tifosi must feel like Serbia and Montenegro fans right now, watching that World Cup game against Argentina. Have they ever been this bad? Difficult to remember. This the side that pulled the rug from under a very decent Catania earlier this season with a 7-0 victory.

+ Totters free kick. Saved. Half-time.

+ … that Chelsea-Valencia game is the one we need to be watching. Unsurprised at all the fowling, this was always going to be a super-dirty game. That tackle on Sheva, though. Our ankles crunched in sympathy.

+ 5-0. See you in the morning, girls and boys.

t And that's 7-1 to United. Let's go home now.

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Blogger ~Lord Anshul said...

man u was on a rampage...but i blame roma defense for tht...after just one goal, they were hit by panic..i wish they have read douglas adams ;)

defense was almost nill, and in such conditions it wont take much for likes of ronaldo to do wonders..

but the most beautiful goal of the game was the one by de rossi, brilliant...if only roma had shown same quality throughout the match.
and not to mention the goal by carrick, but it was more of ronaldo's jugglary tht caught my eyes. even roma guys, who have brilliant bribbler like mancini, were spellbound and by the time they were able to thing wat is going on, carrick proved too good..

awesome blog..will visit soon

p.s. i wish i could see liverpool milan final..again !! :)

2:40 AM  

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